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As Educators, we have dedicated years of our lives to helping students reach their full educational potential.

We have always prided ourselves in our roles within our students' test preparation journeys but we came to believe that while price continued to be a barrier between the majority of students and our services, our hopes to effectuate educational opportunity for all could not be fulfilled.

"How much education can you afford?" is a question that a community cannot afford to ask. 

Our mission is to provide 100% free test preparation classes and services. We use state of the art classrooms and all of our instructors have + 5 years experience in their teaching area. Through the help of amazing volunteers, outside funding, and a lot of sweat equity, we hope to continue our work for many years to come. 

FairTestPrep.com works to remove the financial barrier to traditional test preparation; additionally  we move toward accessibility in other unique ways:

Real-time chat translation in over 50 languages, enabling students to participate in our live classes in the language they feel most comfortable in; and

Ala carte schedules, allowing students to get what they need without spending time on what they don't.

Choice and partnership are the cornerstones of FairTestPrep.com;